Hello Again, World

It’s been a while since I posted here. The blog had quite some content when I created it but then I abandoned it for years. How do i know i abandoned it for years:

  1. Obviously from the last published post (last post was published at 2015.. 2015 is 4 years ago LOL)
  2. I got tons of update notifications on the dashboard
  3. I can’t even update this site to WordPress 5.2 😅

Regarding no. 3, If I recall correctly, i created the site using Digital Ocean’s one click installer which created droplet using pre-configured stack. Two important stack of them was:

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • PHP 5.5.9

The fun thing is WordPress 5.2+ can only be installed if you have PHP 5.6. 😂

I’ve been trying to bump the PHP version on this Digital Ocean droplet but it kept failing miserably; Then this struck me: the site’s content is quite out of date. The posted article was relevant back then, but i don’t think how relevant it is for me right now. Couple of freebies i posted was relevant back then but then i stopped maintaining it and they’re no longer up to date. On top of that, manually managing droplet is annoying; I prefer the slightly more expensive but guaranteed to run stack using Cloudways.

Hence, let’s start new beginning. I figure i want to share and write more about stuffs I learned. I did it and it was fun, but several years back i couldn’t manage myself to do so. Thus, Let’s start over. I’m ditching the entire snapshot, spin new project + server + app at Cloudways because i don’t want to deal with managing the server, and start blogging again. 

I made my blog at well crafted with fancy custom design and super long content. Let’s share more technical and raw stuffs here. 

Welcome aboard!

Photo by Eila Lifflander on Unsplash

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