I want to redirect visitor of my old blog to this blog but most solution I’ve found regarding auto-redirecting visitor from old to new domain involves .httaccess updating. I want to avoid any .htaccess-related trick since my old blog is a multisite installation. Hence, I made an insanely simple plugin to do this redirect task: Redirect All Content.

What this plugin does are insanely simple:

  1. Get current URL of the requested page
  2. Replace its domain with the intended domain
  3. Redirect the visitor to the updated URL

Given this convention, this plugin will only work if:

  1. The new domain blog imported all old domain blog contents
  2. The new domain blog has similar permalink settings compared to the old domain blog

Caution: for the time being1 this plugin has no option page. So if you want to use it, you need to replace the hardcoded new domain string.


  1. Due to this plugin’s nature as a quick fix for my current problem  

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