Update New Link Full Lacey Amour – Lacey Amour Travelodge Video Leaked on Twitter

Lacey Amour - Lacey Amour Travelodge Video

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Lacey Amour – Lacey Amour Travelodge Video

Update New Link Full Lacey Amour - Lacey Amour Travelodge Video Leaked on Twitter

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Who is Lacey Amour?

Lacey Amour A woman who recorded video fabric within the inn which threatens criminal movement claims she did not anything wrong.

Along with 27 different human beings, 23-year-antique Lacey Amour signed up for Travelodge at Cobalt Business Park Newcastle and straight away started out recording X-rated fabric for her social media channels with out the information of inn control.

What Lacey Amour Said

The inn chain said in advance this week that it’d investigate potential “violations” of its phrases and regulations; however, Ms. Amour maintained that he had now no longer damaged any laws, in line with the News.

Lacer Amor Says “We’re all professionals.”

Amour stated that he and his taking pictures companions have been “simply looking to do our job” and claimed that not one of the rooms wherein they have been filming have been damaged.

A video displaying numerous human beings appearing within the inn is presently circulating on line.

The team is assumed to have recorded for OnlyF after being moved from a close-by property prepared with a swimming pool and warm bathtub through the owner.

The inn organization said that the filming of the X-rated movie occurred in a number of the inn’s public spaces, inclusive of the hallways and elevators, in which the households staying on the inn might walk round at the same time as the fashions posed for the astonishment. taking pictures.

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The community additionally said that previous to checking into the inn, the organization did now no longer are searching for control approval at Travelodge to supply the obscene content.

A Travelodge spokesperson stated: “We were alerted to allegations that pictures can be taken at one in all our hotels, with out our permission and in opposition to the phrases of our reserving conditions.

“We have been now no longer privy to those reservations due to the fact they have been made on line, much like the tens of thousands and thousands of reservations made thru our website.

“We are presently investigating this incident and we are able to now no longer hesitate to terminate destiny bookings and take criminal movement if we consider a person violated our phrases and conditions.”

According to reports:

A organization of 28 human beings made reservations at a inn, previous to filming and shot in a public place consisting of corridors and lifts.

But Ms. Amour denied that any filming became taking region outdoor the bed room and stated that the recording became personal for the duration of their live on 12 December.

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