Gravity Forms Popup

Gravity Forms Popup is an add-on (plugin for extending another plugin’s functionality) for Gravity Forms.

What it Does

Gravity Forms Popup enables you to select a Gravity Forms’ form and display it as blocking popup for your first time customer on page load, after several seconds1, or after your visitor reaches the bottom of your site.

How To Use

  1. Make sure that you already installed and activated Gravity Forms on your WordPress site. Gravity Forms Popup is compatible with at least  Gravity Forms version 1.8.20
  2. Upload, install, and activate Gravity Forms Popup
  3. You can configure the add-on at Dashboard > Forms > Settings > Popup


This plugin is originally made for my employer who awesomely agree to release this plugin as open source WordPress Plugins, Hijapedia. The background story of this plugin can be read here.

See it Yourself

Settings page
Settings page
Filled settings
Filled settings
Gravity Forms Popup with Clickable Initial Image
Gravity Forms Popup with Clickable Initial Image
Gravity Forms Popup's Form
Gravity Forms Popup’s Form


Download Gravity Forms Popup

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  1. This is customizable