Hello, I am Fikri Rasyid, WordPress theme & plugin developer based in Bandung, Indonesia.

You are currently reading my ‘work’ blog where I share things I learn related to my craftmanship as WordPress theme developer. For more personal posts, you can read my personal blog on fikrirasyid.com.

Previous Employment

Current Employment

I’m currently working at Elegant Themes as remote web developer.

How I Met WordPress

My story with WordPress started in 2008:  I just graduated from high school, started blogging, and decided that I wanted to have my own .com blog. That’d be cool, I think. So I bought a .com domain, installed WordPress, and started hunting a theme that I can use. Unfortunately2, I was bit picky and couldn’t find a theme that pleased me. Hence, I made a theme3 that I loved using. Soon, I started developing another WordPress theme and decided to share it freely. People downloading it and suddenly I received an email which basically an offer for a paid theme development work. I accepted the offer and I’ve been developing WordPress themes (and plugins) ever since.

speaking at WordCampID 2013
Starting out as a kid who made a WordPress theme, I’m quite lucky to be able to talk at WordCamp Indonesia 2013 with my colleague Deni Tri representing DMDBINUS



You can see my portfolio (WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Work Experience, PSD to WordPress Theme clients) here.


Let’s have a conversation and figure out how can I help you. Send me an email here.

  1. I started working there as an outsource remote developer, considering my university student status at that time. Less then a month after accepting my bachelor degree on English Education, I moved to Jakarta to work full time at DMD BINUS 

  2. Or in this sense, is fortunately 

  3. Which is seriously crappy 

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  1. Ini ganti domain apa emang domainnya bakal ada 2 ke depannya? 😀

    1. Memang akan ada dua 🙂

      Work related stuff goes here, more personal stuff goes to http://fikrirasyid.com

  2. Wow, berasa kembali baca bloggingly kak, hehe 🙂

    1. Wah, sempet baca bloggingly? Udah lama banget itu :))

  3. wah keren domain id, salam kenal ya gan

    1. Iya, pas sekali dengan nama saya jadi tak beli saja 🙂

      Sama-sama gan 🙂

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