I should’ve posted this a week ago, but things happened so here it is now: I’ve submitted Materialist, my third WordPress Theme to the repository. Materialist is a WordPress theme which is obviously inspired by Material Design. You can learn more about Materialist here.

Materialist homepage. Simple and effective for displaying list of posts
Materialist homepage. Simple and effective for displaying list of posts

However, I think it’ll take some time until it is getting approved. As per today (February 8th 2015), there are 91 new themes that are in queue and need to be reviewed. Furthermore, there are 169 updated themes that are in queue and need to be reviewed.

For comparison, here’s how Cinnamon which is my sophomore theme is doing:

  1. Submitted at December 27th, 2014
  2. Review started at January 25th, 2014
  3. Still review in progress at February 8th, 2014

The thing is there are amazingly lots of themes to be reviewed, there are limited number of reviewers, and review process takes time: both author and reviewers are volunteer; sometimes feedback and update process takes time because we all have our “day job” responsibility before helping out creating and reviewing themes.

Once I realized that the one way to help speeding up the queue is by helping reviewing theme as reviewer, I try reviewing theme. So far:

  1. My first review was closed as non-approve. It was a child theme which steps into plugin territory and doesn’t have enough distinctive feature to be a child theme.
  2. My second review is still on going review (after four weeks). Apparently rookie reviewer like me cannot review more than one theme at the same time and as much as I want to help the theme to be approved as fast as possible, the author needs some time to implement the feedback I gave every time I review the theme’s updates.

Not a good record, yet  😐

Lesson learned: having your theme appears on the repository itself is a challenge. Reviewing another people’s theme to be appeared on the repository is another level of challenge1.

If you like WordPress theming + wanted to help, trying new challenge, and learn lots of stuff, I think you should give theme reviewing a try.

  1. I’ve managed to do the first but haven’t manage to do the latter LOL 

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