Four months after releasing Opus Version 1.2 and completing + submitting Cinnamon to Theme Repository1, I finally able to update Opus to version 1.3. Without further ado, these are the improvements made for Opus version 1.3:

  • Replacing custom time code with WordPress’ human_time_diff
  • Adding pot file and loading textdomain for translation
  • More stuffs for translation
  • Better civil footnotes support. It’ll still work on infinite scroll scenario now
  • Fixing editor styling.
  • Using protocol relative URL for fonts
  • Adding Phillip Arthur Moore’s Subtitles plugin support2

The update has been approved by Theme Reviewer which means you can update Opus from your dashboard now. Theme reviewing process for existing theme’s update is far faster than submitting new theme, apparently.

  1. It’s been a week and still waiting for the theme review to be conducted tho. Looks like the holiday effect takes quite some time 

  2. Adding CSS for more seamless styling 

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