I recently came up with question:

When I’m done with this project for the time being and want to work on another project, how can I switch the opened apps, files, and folders quickly?

I found that closing all windows then opening another Finder, Sublime Text, SourceTree, Terminal, and Chrome tabs are quite time consuming and boring. Besides, automate everything that can be automated like it’s 2015, right? So I went with a question and asked it to my OS X productivity geek friend:

Several tweets later, the answer was:

Then I tried it, and yes: Alfred with its Workflow feature is the answer. It’s like Automator that can be performed from any windows on any apps using keyboard and selected keyword. For example, I can create custom workflow to do the following:

  1. I’m currently working on this paid project, and the time is up. It’s time to spend time on my personal theme project.
  2. Type cmd + spacebar to summon Alfred
  3. Type closeall (custom workflow I made to close all windows)
  4. Type w-cinnamon, custom workflow I made to open Finder folders where the Cinnamon theme is located, open Sublime Text with Cinnamon theme folder opened, open terminal on Cinnamon theme directory and do compass watch automatically, then open Cinnamon theme repository on the Github app.

Simple, fast, and automated. I feel like having a digital “Alfred”.

let alfred do the job
No, I don’t want to watch the world burn, I just want to get my job done.

Furthermore, It’s perfect for cleaning up my cluttered Finder sidebar too. Instead of stacking all the frequently opened folders on the sidebar, I created custom workflow with to open that folder using Alfred. For example: p-camera-uploads for opening the Dropbox’ camera upload directory. Similar approach can be done to summon invoice directory, htdocs directory, etc.

And one more thing: there’s Dash + Alfred integration. Super awesome stuff:

Alfred + Dash

It is really awesome. £ 12 worth spending for1.

  1. I have Alfred v1 license so I got discount from the £ 17 normal price. 

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