I’m currently working on Hijapedia‘s redesign which is developed using mobile first approach and found that WooTheme’s Flexslider is a really easy to use jQuery plugin for making responsive slider / carousel. If you’re working on slider / carousel that should look good on mobile, I recommend you to check it out. Three things I loved the most about Flexslider:

  1. It handles swipe gestures brilliantly. I personally think that if you want your slider / carousel works on mobile, facilitating swipe is a must. Prev / Next or Pagination on mobile is often too small, unusable, or taking up too much space to be used.
  2. Easy to set up. Queue the .js, .css, and font-icons, and you’re all set.
  3. You can define custom selector to match your markup’s structure.

I recommend you to try WooTheme’s Flexslider. It’ll save your time.

2 thoughts on “FlexSlider: WooCommerce’s jQuery Plugin For Responsive Slider

  1. FlexSlider is always our 1st choice when it comes to creating slideshows and carousels.

    1. It should be. It works like a charm so far 😀

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