WordPress Custom Nav Menu

Yesterday i was changing my personal blog’s theme due to compatibility problem with WordPress 3.1.1. FYI, the theme was developed for 3.0 version so it has a problem on its custom post type archive page. However, weird thing happened: the custom nav setting page could not be accessed. Weird, because all dashboard pages worked well except that page.

After assessing the situation and did some google search, i found the simple explanation and fix for this issue: apparently the problem happened because of the existence of custom post type item (which was supported in previous theme but not supported in previous theme) in custom nav settings. I made custom post-type on previous theme but hadn’t included it on the current theme.

To fix this, here’s the simple how-to:

  1. Activate the previous theme (the one with custom-post type in it)
  2. Access the custom nav page
  3. Delete the nav menu item which comes from the custom post type
  4. Go back to appearance settings page
  5. Activate the current theme

That’s it. Go check to your custom nav page whether it has solved the issue or not.

I hope you find this tutorial useful for you.

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